Tuesday, July 03, 2007


The WIAA, Washington's governing agency for high school athletics has urgent matters to discuss. The state of high school athletics is in disarray. To address the "dwindling number of people who want to be coaches and officials," the WIAA believes it must ban booing at high school games. Okay, let's be fair. Mike Colbrese, Executive Director, says that it is a broader issue than just booing. It is the lack of civility, the unbecoming nature of negativity towards opposing teams.

What the WIAA and so many others fail to recognize is that people are choosing not to coach because parents are allowed to run coaches out. If your team doesn't win, and parents are unhappy about playing time, just go above the coach and complain to the District Athletic Director. Coaches are not supported by administrations, staff members, or players--unless they are winning.
In a post from April, I questioned the need for high school sports. It seems to me that we don't really do much of what the WIAA expects anyway. I love sports. I loved coaching two different sports this year. But after watching how the Central Office treats coaches by allowing parents to dictate who stays and who goes, I must adamantly state that the WIAA's priorities are absolutely wrong.


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I have had my father run out of a job because he dared to cut a board member's son, and my school recently fired a basketball coach because certain parent's were ticked because their kids didn't get to play enough, and another teacher was not allowed to continue coaching because of situations in her personal life. I think that it is disgraceful the way coaches are treated by members of the administration. I don't know why anyone would voluntarily put themselves in that position, but I am glad that some people are brave enough to do it.


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