Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Administration Pays

The biggest perk I've ever gotten as a teacher: summers off. Apparently, I should become an administrator in the Northshore School District of Washington State.
A Seattle Times article details the expensive benefits that over 90 top employees can receive. The most amazing part is that the district is facing the possibility of cutting over 3 million dollars. Seriously.
I'm thankful for my $250 dollar tax credit, but I've been pining for a flat screen television and high performing laptop computer for quite a while.
There is a lot of money in the Northshore School District. The tax base is full of wealthy families, but there needs to be more common sense.


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At 7:39 PM , Blogger Hall Monitor said...

Apparently in Florida the biggest perk to being a teacher is that you get to have steamy relationships with your students. For commentary one this and all the other crazy news stories in public schools, check out


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