Tuesday, April 01, 2008

For Christ's Sake

One of the overarching objectives of my English class is to prepare students to be global citizens. A global citizen respects the people around him, but does not conform to what society demands. I have a great deal of respect for people of great faith. The Dalai Lama has influenced my own faith. But why do those in public education fear religious expression?
FOXNews.com has a story on a high school art student who created a landscape with a cross, a Bible verse, and an inscription. He was given a zero for failing to remove the religious symbol. In an environment that should teach respect for individual thought and expression, why does it seem that Christianity is often targeted as offensive to other students? But even beyond Christianity, why do schools fear the open and honest discussion of sensitive matters? We should be teaching our students how to appropriately interact with people of all beliefs, and not just religious beliefs.

Well, this post is transforming into one of my Adults Ruin Everything posts. In a separate incident, but equally reprehensible, a school wouldn't allow a student to wear a John Edwards for President t-shirt.
Considering that every high school I've been a part of teaches about government and civics, I couldn't be more befuddled by moves like this. I hope the kid wins and the administration realizes that they are not educating students.


At 1:19 PM , Blogger Chatty said...

That is actually the name of the humanities class I teach. And today somebody called someone else a "dirty jew" It was the first time they really saw...and heard...me angry. I am sick to death of it.

At 10:41 AM , Blogger Dr Pezz said...

Seems interesting that there is a "policy" for this. From the article I'm not sure if it's just a policy for the classroom or for the school, though it seems like a classroom policy.

Also, I'm wondering if the religious imagery taints (for lack of a better word) the assignment's intent. Is the landscape now an advertisement for religion? a promotion of one faith over another?

Regardless, I think the student and teacher probably could've sat down and discussed and settled this in a bit more professional matter.

At 7:36 PM , Blogger Hall Monitor said...

Please check out http://detentionslip.org. It features this story and all the other crazy headlines from our public schools. It's one of the leading sources of breaking news in education.


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