Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Ten years ago, around this time in August of 1995, I boarded a plane in Connecticut and landed in Seattle. It was not the start of a new life, but a continuation of the one I had been living. Late that August, I started my collegiate career, one that lasted a little longer than I had intended, and with a far different degree in hand. I have said on this blog before that I wish my former students the best in all that they endeavor to do. Those students that were Seniors last year, find themselves in a similar postion that I was ten years ago. I will repeat my thoughts agian, in case any of them stop by for a visit: represent our school well, your parents honorably, and yourself honestly. Enjoy your time and don't give up. Next summer I will have finished teaching Freshmen, I think I will miss these emotions I feel today.


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