Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cal Ripken Jr.

I must take a moment to offer a break in the regular programming. Ten years ago today, my boyhood hero, Cal Ripken Jr., broke the unbreakable record. He surpassed Lou Gehrig's consecutive games played record of 2130. Ripken's streak ended at 2632.
I must pay tribute to a man I've never met because he influenced the way I play my game. I teach professionally and I try to be as classy as Cal. I try to respect the profession and enjoy the profession.
Thank you Cal for setting the standard. I cried the night you broke the record; I cried the night you ended your streak; I will cry the day you enter the Hall of Fame.


At 9:07 PM , Blogger buzz girl said...

Nicknamed "Iron Man" Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr. even surpassed the glory of Tony Gwynn who is inarguably one of the very best players in baseball history. The 2001 All-Star game was practically a Cal Ripken Memorial Game, which added even more "legacy" to the single, most over hyped player ever to play the game of baseball. For all those Cal lovers that talk about his great defense at shortstop played in a record 2632 consecutive major league baseball games. The string ran from May 30, 1982 to September 19, 1998.
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