Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I am old. Officially. This past weekend I visited my parents in Connecticut. I also had the chance to attend my 10 year reunion. Officially ending any hopes of youth returned. The cliche is true: the more things change, the more they stay the same. The kids from the other side of town, the rich part of town, still hang out and are doctors, lawyers, and other money making professionals. They sat together. The kids from the other side of town, the poor part of town, don't hang out much and are struggling actors, writers, and regular job people. They sat together. You get the idea. Me? I floated between groups, as was demonstrated by where I sat at the reunion--right in the middle!

Upon my return to the classroom, I found some not so great reports on my 9th graders. Read here. But this time, I didn't yell; didn't use the frustrated tone of voice. I asked them why the report was poor. Politely they shared their frustration with the sub and her approach. I simply told them I understand, but when a sub is there, it is her rules. I said, calmly, that I was disappointed in them and expect better. It felt good.

Basketball is in full swing--first game on Wednesday. I cannot express how desperately I want these girls to do well this year. They have worked hard and based on that and their undeterred optimisim, they deserve it.


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