Monday, September 10, 2007

Staff Meeting Statistics

Like most professionals, I dislike staff meetings. These poorly conceived times tend to drain me of my enthusiasm for teaching, but often provide some comic relief if one is willing to lower himself to middle school like behavior.
My new school had its first staff meeting (not including the pre-school one) of the year. I sat next to a young teacher who came prepared to tune the meeting out by grading papers. But I need a new accomplice in my regressive behaviors, and because she is one of the younger department members, I chose her.
She served as my informant. I don't know the names of the staff members, so I needed someone to provide those for me. I plan on starting an official record of questions, comments, and other staff meeting faux pas (spelling?). However, I didn't realize that this young teacher isn't used to serving as an accomplice for poor behavior, but she served valiantly (I may be able to convince her to continue in her post).
In today's meeting, which lasted an hour and fifteen minutes--much longer than I am accustomed to. But as my buddy Stence says, "You've got to battle through."
Here are the totals from that meeting:
Ringing Cell Phones--2

The winner of the individual award asked four questions and added in one comment. Congratulations!


At 9:19 PM , Blogger care020 said...

I recently saw an IBM commercial in which the staff secretly plays bingo, during a staff meeting, using the current business buzzwords. All goes well untill someone gets and yells out "Bingo". The temptation to duplicate this during one of our staff meetings is strong, but the chicken in me keeps me from doing it.


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