Thursday, September 06, 2007

Why I love teaching

Yesterday two of my lower level freshman showed up to class unprepared for the fourth day in a row--we've only had five real academic days. If they showed up today without notebooks or pencils, I would have to take punitive actions. I don't like punitive actions because it creates additional work.
I was tired when I arrived at school this morning and had few expectations for a great teaching day. I struggled through first period; I forgot my notes in my office, and I forgot that it was a 70 minute period today instead of 56--my notes were for the 56 minute period I taught the day before. The rotating block schedule finally messed me up.
Then my lower level senior dove into their career center experience, searching for jobs or 1-2 year programs. Later in the day the career center professional excitedly informed me that a handul of them had returned, on their own, during their study halls (mostly a social experience).
With my referral forms in my pocket, I marched into the low level freshman class. But nope, these students were gems today. I only brought out the referral form to show the difference between that form and the positive behavioral forms I handed out to one of the two boys who made my day hell the day before.
And to top that period off, I hit my stride with their lesson plan. At one point, a usually rambunctious student said, "Hey Mister, you really like this stuff don't you." I told him that I really do enjoy this reading stuff. "I can tell, Mister, you're really excited today; you know, talking really fast and stuff."
Yep, this is why I love teaching--unpredictable.


At 6:06 AM , Blogger graycie said...

When people ask me why I teach, one nswer I give is that I'm never bored. Delighted? Often. Frustrated? Oh yeah. Angry? occasionally. But bored? Nope, never.


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